Major Construction is Complete!

During this multi-year project, construction crews used approximately 41,500 tons of asphalt to repave and enhance approximately 14 miles of State Routes 28 and 431, centered around Incline Village. Project improvements also include:

•  Repaved aging roadway asphalt on eight miles of Mt. Rose Highway from the summit to the SR 28 intersection

•  Repaved six miles of SR 28 from southern Incline Village to the Nevada-California state line at Crystal Bay, with enhanced sidewalks and ramps

•  Installed 17,000 linear feet of curb and gutter

•  Roughly 16,000 linear feet of existing barrier rail replaced with new enhanced, decorative barrier along SR 431 from Mt. Rose summit to SR 28 intersection

•  New detention basins and drainage improvements installed on SR 28 at Marlette Creek to enhance stormwater quality before it enters the lake

•  Reinforced an aging timber wall on SR 28 north of Memorial Point, using concrete that was shaped and stained to look like natural surrounding rock

•  Installation of underground conduit line to connect and power roadway cameras, road/weather information systems, traffic counters, traffic flow detectors, automated chain/snow tire control signage, and detection for runaway truck ramps. This also provides opportunity for early installation of future electrical and communications including fiber optic cables, and is part of a broader plan to make high-speed internet more accessible throughout the state.

We thank the community for your patience and hope you enjoy the newly paved highway and other various improvements!

Nevada Department of Transportation

1263 South Stewart Street
Carson City, NV, 89712, US